Testimonial for John – Sarah, Belfast

I have worked with John over many years but I did receive one to one coaching from him which I would highly recommend. John’s coaching helped me get back in the race and to believe in myself! I now have the ability to tackle any problem and not let it take control of my life. Through John’s coaching I now understand the source of the negative thoughts and focus on getting the job done well. Thank you John.

Testimonial for John – Niamh, Cork

I was introduced to John initially through a course and then commenced personal coaching which has truly changed me as a person. I now have the ability to deal with my thinking and find I am not waking up in the night worrying about work or personal situations. John is highly professional and I see him more like a friend that I can trust and confide in than an associate. I would highly recommend John and Sophia Coaching and will continue to use them in the future as required.

Testimonial for John – Lorcan, Belfast

I have had the opportunity over the past number of years of working with John. Through private sessions he has helped me grow both personally and professionally and has changed my life. It has given me a renewed confidence and I have learnt about the power of the mind and the obstacles us humans face. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to develop their skill set and become better equipped to deal with the shackles of daily life. Thanks John.

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