IHEART – Innate Health Education and Resilience Training – is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping all people realise their potential through learning about the innate resilience and mental health that all human beings possess. Sophia Coaching offers IHEART training, an interactive and dynamic educational programme that has been tailor-made for working with young people and teachers in schools, universities and educational institutions.



Understanding Innate mental health and resilience for young people in a group setting. Sophia Coaching is a certified facilitator of the iHEART programme. This programme is thoughtfully designed to engage young people with a structured, preventative educational programme, each participant is empowered with the built in knowledge that they can manage their challenges and difficulties. This accelerates an increase in well-being and resilience in all aspects of personal, social, family and school life.


How do you know the results have lasting imapct?

IHEART are 100% committed to building a robust and transparent evidence-base to support their work. So they evaluate and measure every programme they run. Every participant – and teacher / educator – fills out anonymous quantitative and qualitative surveys pre and post programme. They identify control groups wherever possible. They conduct in-depth interviews and focus groups with beneficiaries where feasible.

Sophia Coaching are Certified Facilitators of the IHEART Programme which allows us to deliver the training to young people in educational settings.

76% of participants have noticed a positive change in themselves.

96% of participants would recommend the programme to a friend.

100% of schools/educational institutions have seen significant benefit for their pupils.

25% reduction in frequency of behavioural and learning issues.

Significant statistical improvement in participants’ mental resilience and wellbeing (based on a controlled trial involving 148 pupils).


Hear from the children themselves….

The best testimonials for any programme are from the participants themselves.

“Out of the mouth of babes.”


….and from the Teachers & Lecturers

I watched a child de-escalate from the point of violence because of the ‘Power of Thought’ lesson. A remarkable breakthrough…

Jamie Rogers

Head Teacher, Primary School

I am staggered by the positive results we got with this intervention.

Ben Jones

Assistant Head Teacher, Langley Park School for Boys

The uplifting work IHEART does, fills the nesessary need of building resilience and wellbeing amongst our students.

Sylvie Bacquet

Senior Lecturer, Westminster Law School